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Clothing is a necessary commodity, which man has used since ancient times to protect his body from the weather. Created and suitable for various circumstances, the clothing items correspond to the user's preferences. Fashion represents a rapid succession of artistic forms on clothing, whose essential quality is novelty. Fashion is a form of manifestation of man's desire to live contemporaneity. Dressing up after fashion is synonymous with being well dressed.


Although fashion has its compartments, well defined, for all occasions, its character remains changeable. Good taste in fashion, the fact of knowing how to dress well is a dependence like any other. With maximum objectivity and critical sense, you must to observe carefully, your body line and defects. Knowing these elements, you will choose the right clothing to represent you. When choosing the product to wear, everyone will try through its color, line, appearance and size, to shape an appearance as close as possible to the ideal he wants to represent in life, eventually hiding his imperfections.After a long period of fear brought by the war, the 20s are defined as the period of optimism. The sense of freedom is lived, which is found in the fashion itself, which gives a fashion. The fashion of the 20s thus presents the woman as an eternal teenager. shorter, which give the idea of freedom and low-waisted skirts. Evening dresses no longer have sleeves, have a bare back and are made of soft, transparent, fluid materials, straight lines. For the first time the hair is worn short cut, with hats covering the eyebrow. The fashion of the bra appears to give the woman a teenage look. The cosmetics appear, the mascara and the lipstick appear, which launches the fashion of red lips like fire.

One of the fashionable clothes in 2020 is the body. Whether it's a simple body with a round neckline, one with colorful prints or in the style of the '80s with a statement neckline, the bodies will be the basic pieces to wear with jeans in 2020. Thus, the body is one of the these trends of 2020, which look great and perfectly highlight your waist. Of course, reconfigured, but also matched with various other garments, such as the jacket, the body can have a very strong impact on the whole look. Fashion means the periodic change of shape, size and color. Usually the term fashion includes artistic values from clothing style to architecture and extends to philosophies, ways of behaving, social sciences. Fashion has been approached as a whim, the effect of proposals or the latent consequence of a social system. Even if some say that fashion is a fad and an irrational way to express our desires, it is determined by age, culture, economic system. and social.

So we are not talking about imagination only in painting or poetry, but also in mathematics or ballet. Even in the affective realm, poets can bring a new sound. The originality of a poet, let's say Marin Sorescu, consists not only in his metaphors, but also in the way of living different situations and events. In a way, the romantic poet lived the love and otherwise a contemporary poet feels it. They instill certain attitudes that sometimes become a fad. In Russia and Ukraine, short T-shirts and high heels, worn in any season, mean to be matched with street fashion. In Ukraine the interest for fashion is as developed as in Romania. This interest can sometimes be exaggerated. The so-called work outfits are some that may seem strident in certain local trends. Cultural boundaries have different standards. In the United States, the fashionable concept is expressed primarily by casual outfits. Simple t-shirts, sports shoes and comfortable pants. Americans prefer comfort and depending on how they feel, they dress that way. In Hong Kong the same concept is often expressed in t-shirt designs.

But even in the field of organizational activity we could decipher the intervention of imagination: the initiative is a novelty in terms of action. The great generals imagined ingenious battle plans, with which they won resounding victories. Although the development of the imagination at a high level is characteristic of man, its germs can also be discovered in the conduct of superior animals. The conservative environment in Hong Kong, including doctors or lawyers, matches Gucci or Armani elements with outfits with printed designs [2]. Fashion means first and foremost a business. Every day millions of workers make models, basket, glue, paint and transport clothes to stores. There are also advertisements in magazines, on billboards or buses, a symbol of a huge industry and a method to make us choose certain clothes, consciously or unconsciously. Fashion is a permanent popularity contest, haute-couture fashion representing the style of a small group of people, with a certain taste and authority in the fashion world. Wealthy people, buyers of luxury clothes, publishers and editors of fashion stores are also part of Haute Couture. Some of the models presented, expensive and artistic rather than practical, manage to impose themselves and become fashionable, but most of them remain on the catwalk.

Here is an example, narrated by a writer. He had a purebred dog, who liked to sleep in a very comfortable chair. One day, coming from elsewhere, the puppy finds that his owner is sitting in his favorite chair. After turning around a few times unhappily, he heads for the exit door and whines to let go. The writer gets up and goes to open it, but at that moment, the dog rushes triumphantly and sits in his favorite place. Of course, this trick was the fruit of his imagination, it could not have been learned


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